The North Beach Partners was an idea that gradually arose from a group of good friends sharing excellent  food and exceptional wine over a period of years.  One of the partners, Renate, lived in the Dominican Republic for many years and the other partners wanted to spend more time on the island they had come to love.  Traveling to the Dominican Republic 5 or 6 times a year, Bill had been investing in various properties and bringing friends with him on his many visits.  Sam had joined Bill in some of his investments and shared the desire to spend more and more time in the Dominican Republic.  John & Robert saw the tremendous potential for growth and wanted to be a part of the shared vision of the other partners.  John and Janie actually came from the US to get married on the island.  (Everything was arranged by Renate through her wedding planning service).  Jennifer was the first of our group to actually buy property and start a business.  She saw the need for high quality furniture and was determined to provide that service.  Her business, located between Sosua and Caberete, has been in operation since 2006.  The shared love of the Dominican Republic, it's people, and a different way of life was the catalyst that bonded this diverse group of friends into our organization, the North Beach Partners.

Our Mission

The North Beach Partners intend to provide quality service to residents as well as visitors to the Dominican Republic.  Combining the expertise of the various partners, North Beach Partners offer Real Estate, Property Management, Insurance, and Property Maintenance all at a single location.  Residential or Commercial, Leasing or Purchasing, Market Analysis or simply stopping by for a cup of cafe, we are there to help.